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Our system upgrade allowed us to enhance our statements.

This section provides a graphic of the breakdown of assets, including cash, held within your account.

This section just highlights certain transactions that took place and is not a full accounting of what happened on the account.

Depending on the date of your purchase it may not show, as these statements only include transaction made from 1/1/2019 through 6/30/2019.

This is the amount that was originally paid for your asset.

The ‘tax year’ section is to show when transactions are for prior years. An example would be when a client makes a prior year contribution to their Traditional IRA.

When you see the term “receive free” it means that a transfer in of an asset as occurred or that the principal increased on an asset. This will cause the cost basis within the asset to show $0.00 as no cash actually posted into the IRA.

When you see the term “free deliver” it means that a transfer out of an asset as occurred or that the principal decreased on an asset.

This description means that the fee was paid from the available cash in the account.

Balance forward means that a previously assessed fee is still outstanding and is being carried forward.

This line item appears if a transaction was entered without the proper cost basis. The cost basis could be incorrect or missing altogether.

Please visit our website at and select the Fee Tab located at the top of the home page. Once on the Fee Page there is a pay now button available for existing account holders.

Forms are available through our website,

Yes, contributions can be made via check. Checks should be made payable to GoldStar Trust Company FBO: (client name) and include the tax year the contribution should be applied.

Per IRS regulations GoldStar must post the SEP/SIMPLE contribution in the year it is received.

The privacy policy I located on the GoldStar Website under the Education Tab.

To figure the unrealized gain/loss you will take the market value and subtract the cost basis.

Yes, statements will be made available through the online platform within 60 days of the ending statement date.

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